A Modern Marvel of Construction

A Modern Marvel of Construction – BarnDominiums Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Image source GBE A Modern Marvel of Construction In the world of construction, the demand for cost-effective, durable, and versatile structures is ever-present. One of the remarkable solutions that have emerged to meet these requirements is pre-engineered steel buildings. These innovative structures have transformed the […]

Career Day at South Point High School

Career Day At South Point High School Crescent had the privilege of participating in “Career Day” at South Point High School on Wednesday February 20, 2019. It was very nice to be able to engage the young folks that attended to find out what their aspirations were for their career path. We discussed re-thinking the […]

Raised Concrete Structure

Raised Concrete Structure History of Steel Critical dimensions and thicknesses as well as special sleeves and inserts were required to achieve this raised concrete structure for this commercial printing press unit. Special care had to be taken in safety and cleanliness as we constructed this raised pad inside an operating printing facility. This project required […]

Industrial Electroplating

After three weeks of rain, resulting in loss of time on this project, the slab at Industrial Electroplating in Gastonia, NC, has finally been completed and we are now beginning the steel erection phase of this project. This building system has some special characteristics with how the roof line is designed as well as

2017 Building Solutions Photo Contest Winners

We are proud to announce Mesco Building Solutions’ 2017 Photo Contest Award Winners! The quality of submissions in this first year of the contest has raised the bar for the competition going forward and we are thrilled to see such design and innovation within our industry. Congratulations to all winners! Small Recreational Facility

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

History of Steel Steel is a strong alloy of iron combined with carbon and other elements that are used as a structural material in many projects. Since the industrial revolution in the 1800s, steel has been a trusted construction material for decades, with thousands of train stations, factories, steel-plated buildings and churches being built.

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