Career Day At South Point High School

Crescent had the privilege of participating in “Career Day” at South Point High School on Wednesday February 20, 2019. It was very nice to be able to engage the young folks that attended to find out what their aspirations were for their career path. We discussed re-thinking the old saying WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER, as that was misleading information convincing folks that if you just apply a smarter way to perform a task, that it removed you from having to put any hard work and sweat equity into whatever it was you were tasked to complete. We considered instead, the following: WORK HARDER AND SMARTER. We also talked about the many job openings that currently existed in the different trades areas – electricians, plumbers, brick masons, steel erectors, machine operators, welders, truck drivers, etc. The students were pleasantly surprised when we discussed the opportunities that were available in these types of career fields and the potential salary levels. We all came away knowing that it’s ok to get your hands dirty and break a sweat…………….

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